Jo-Anne Russell
"In the arms of darkness the Angel of Death will cradle you."  Kaitlyn Summers ~ The Nightmare Project

Proud member of the Horror Writer's Association.

My Work
Reviews for The Nightmare Project,
Book 1 of the Dangerous Minds Trilogy

"Author Jo-Anne Russell’s introductory novel within the Dangerous Minds trilogy is a pulse pounding psychological thriller that preys upon the subconscious. This twisted cognitive drama is a most welcome relief from the arsenal of countless stories polluted with glittery vampires, unrelenting vampires and monotonous, predictable story lines. The Nightmare Project charters territory even the average reader can relate to, the fear factor conceived within each of our very own minds."
~ Dave Gammon,
“If you find the concept of mental hospitals, experimental therapies and not being in control of your thoughts fascinating and chilling at the same time you will love The Nightmare Project. This book is no light read, it will leave you with an uneasy feeling and you may not look at hospitals the same again.”
~ David Watson,
“Well, my fellow lovers of horror, there's another powerhouse author who knows how to scare the soul out of your skin. And I'm not kidding. I was truly frightened. Two bony thumbs up and a special ringing of the jester bells for this great book.”
~ Charles Day, Author of YA novel THE LEGEND OF THE PUMPKIN THIEF & novelette mystery THE PLAN
“My Thoughts:   I'm always on the look out for a good horror/ psychological suspense book. The Nightmare Project hit right on the spot. Thrills, suspense, horror, and a bit of paranormal. It's enough to give you goosebumps, especially if you're reading this late at night (Like I did!)  This is the first book in the Dangerous Minds Trilogy, and after reading this one, I can't wait for more! I have to know what happens.”
~ Storm Goddess Review
My inspiration comes from many sources. Snipits on the news, people I see in malls, bitAnd many more!s of over heard conversations, and my own personal collection of nightmares all play a part in my works.
Authors I find inspiring consist of a huge list, but here are a few:
John Saul
Stephen King
Anne Rice
Kelley Armstrong
Edgar Allan Poe
Ray Bradbury
John Everson
Kay Brooks
Roy C. Booth
Altaire Gural
V.C. Andrews
Jerry McKinney
Rod Sterling
Ambrose Bierce
R.L. Stine
James Gunn
Clive Barker
And many more!
I primarily write dark fiction, although I am not limited to that genre. Dark fiction, to me, covers many genres and topics. I like to write stories that keep you guessing until the very twisted end, and I always try my best to twist things up.
I have poetry, non-fiction anf flash fiction pieces available that cover a wide array of topics, as well as my first novel - soon to be available again.
Currently I am working on book two of the Dangerous Minds trilogy, and my first vampire novel.
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Author Bio
Jo-Anne Russell is a horror writer living in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Her stories have appeared in anthologies by Harren Press, Horrified Press, Brazen Snake Books, Static Movement, Wicked East Press, Hidden Thoughts Press, and others. Her recent single LIQUID BLACK is published through Visionary Press Collaborative .
Her taste for the macabre has provided her imagination with a feast that fuels her writing and creativity. If you like horror, the bizarre, or you just don't like to sleep at night, give her books and short stories a try.
Her debut novel The Nightmare Project is the first in the shocking trilogy called Dangerous Minds.